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My artwork has been reproduced in the following publications:



Teabo: The New York Art Review.

The New York Art Review: An Illustrated Survey of the City's Museums, Galleries, and Leading Artists, by Les Krantz. Out of Print.
     "The People's Triad", colored pencil, 16" X 20"

Teabo: The People's Triad, colored pencil.
The People's Triad

Teabo: Colored Pencil 2.

Best of Colored Pencil 2,  1994, Rockport Publishers, by Vera Curnow.
     "To Each His Own", colored pencil, 18" X 24"


Teabo: Colored Pencil III.

Best of Colored Pencil 3, 1996, Rockport Publishers, Vera Curnow.
       "They Share the Tree", colored pencil, 18" X 22".


Teabo: Creative Inspirations

Creative Inspirations: A Collection of Drawing and Painting Ideas for Artists (Inspirations Series), by Stephen Knapp, Rockport Publishing.
     "They Share the Tree", colored pencil, 18" X 22".


Artist's/USA, sixth edition. The Foundation for the Advancement of Artists, Howard Jeffries, Editor. 1979. Out of Print.
     "Spring Break", 10" X 19", linoleum cut.


Teabo: Encyclopedia of Living Artists

Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America: A Visual Guide to Current Art in America, 1987, Director's Guild Publishers. Out of Print.
     "Almost Heaven", watercolor, 14" X 16".


Teabo: Friends of a Feather.

Friends of a Feather, by Evelyn Day Henderson. Out of Print.
     Includes 15 B/W illustrations.

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